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Original christmas decoration from photographer Chris Everard’s portfolio, combining ornaments and shoes – a woman’s delight!. They are found online under Sarah Kaye’s representation.

9aa9da25520da5cd71f5595ad5c53c21_00014goldshoes(image from Chris Everard)

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Yesterday evening I had lots of fun taking these snapshots around the house and processing them with Photoshop!








(photos by Kat)

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Today morning, while I was browsing through my favorite blogs, I stumbled upon a post in Coco+Kelley about Brocade Home, an e-shop with stylish furniture, home accessories and more. Their new shop in NY city, also looks fantastic, I wish I was close enough to pay a visit!

0066Brocade Home shop (via their blog)


I particularly liked their white frame mirrors and that gorgeous lace patterned bed headboard. Their products are also featured on their e-catalog.

(images from Brocade Home)

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Style Weekly: White

Speaking about colors, one of my favorites has alwas been white. I like everything white, from buildings and walls to furniture and tableware, even clothes and accessories.

In my opinion, the greatest advantage of white is that it works as a clear, bright backround for whatever lifestyle you want to. By adding or changing affordable details you can transform your space, without having to deal with the hardware, such as walls and floors. There are ofcourse the obvious disadvantages of decorating in white, considering the nuisances of everyday life, especially when living with small children. But still, I am sure, with a little efford you can make the best of it.

skona hem

from sköna hem (also blogged here)


from sköna hem (also blogged here)


from livingetc


from livingetc


from photographer polly wreford


from livingetc


from photographer trine thorsen (more blogged here)

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I always had a love for matryoshka dolls (or russian dolls), and since yesterday morning I am the proud owner of one  set! They are purchased from the local Accessorize store and I like their design and colors. Here you can see them neatly arranged on their shelf.

matryoshka1(photo by Kat)

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