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It’s been a while since the last time I posted here and there are tones of inspiring things I want to share! To start with, I adore  the Crinoline Flowers project from the portfolio of Toronto based photographer Daryl Banks. A big thanks to Whorange for indroducing that to me!

crinoline-flowers(images from Daryl Banks Photography)


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Coral and Gray

I love the combination of coral (or pink) and gray!


(image from my flickr)

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My best wishes for 2009! Don’t forget to share some love and magic around!

3124965892_0bccd9fb4fdon’t believe in love


(images from my flickr favorites)

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Photographer Jen Gotch

I was recently acquainted with the work of photographer Jen Gotch, displayed on her lovely designed website. Her beautiful dreamy photos are also featured in her two blogs, here and here.


strips_pg6(images from Gen Grotch)

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Original christmas decoration from photographer Chris Everard’s portfolio, combining ornaments and shoes – a woman’s delight!. They are found online under Sarah Kaye’s representation.

9aa9da25520da5cd71f5595ad5c53c21_00014goldshoes(image from Chris Everard)

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Sometimes we forget the most beautiful glitter sparks are found in the nature (and not only) all around us… if only we take a moment to look!


Inspiration from my flickr favorites:

1. Jeweled Reflections – EXPLORED Oct 11/08, 2. Heron on the Golden Lake, 3. Gold accordian, 4. Riverbank impressions 1, 5. Buon Natale a tutti voi, 6. River of Gold, 7. Stainless steel sunset, 8. Going for the Gold, or Aspirations of a Pinecone, 9. Invitation to sit in front of a blazing fire in my wild river…!!!

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Frozen Nature

This weekend I wish I were someplace warm and cosy, with such a stunning view outside!


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