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I have already posted about how I can’t wait for spring to come, and with it the gorgeous new fashion trends like neutral tones. For those (me included) that can’t -or aren’t willing- to spend big, there are also plenty of affordable collections outthere! One of them is Mango‘s collection for Spring/Summer 2009,which includes lovely comfortable outfits in neutral tones -my favorites!


As for the lovers of color, there is plenty of that as well!

mango-spring2009-color(images from Mango News)


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I have to say winter is my least favorite season, as far as outfits are concerned! I’m not very fond of all these layers of clothes you have to put on in order to keep warm. I really can’t wait for spring to come so I can wear some lighter (and light-colored) clothes. For the moment I ‘m inspired by runaway looks, like those below (which ofcourse couldn’t afford!). I ‘m loving the combination of gray and pink and the loose, comfortable and feminine forms!


from Jill Stuart Spring 2009

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