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I know I wasn’t very active here the past week, but I actually spent quite some time browsing through my favorite blogs and discovering inspirational stuff online! So here is this week’s roundup and some weekend pass times (in no particular order).

decor8’s favorite posts of 2008:

rediscover one of the top blogs through Holly Becker’s own favorite posts of  ’08. Read my favorite post: about decorating your space according to your lifestyle and budget – in Holly’s words “decorating outside the lines“.

coco+kelley color predictions:

get informed about 2009 color trends from amazing Cassandra of coco+kelley and her guest bloggers. My personal favorite palette is the New Naturals, right here.

emma’s favorite rooms of 2008

view a selection of the best of 2008’s in interior design room by room on emma’s designblog. I loved the color palette of her favorite bedrooms.

new year’s resolutions

find out other people’s resolutions and compare with your own. You might be surprised by how many things you have in common. Read about new year’s resolutions here, here, here and here.

motivation art

get motivated and think positive in 2009 with the help of talented artists. Read my post about  Motivation and Positive Thinking Prints.

the city sage blog

browse the city sage, a stylish blog I have discovered recently.

fifi lapin:

the cutest fashionista comes in the form of a hare! To meet Fifi visit her blog, her official shop, her etsy shop or her flickr fotostream (shops will open Monday, 12/1). Fifi was also blogged here this week.


non-stop inspiration from so many talented and creative people. Browse my recent flickr favorites.


from my flickr favorites

(click to visit, then click each image to link to photo’s page)


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My best wishes for 2009! Don’t forget to share some love and magic around!

3124965892_0bccd9fb4fdon’t believe in love


(images from my flickr favorites)

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Sometimes we forget the most beautiful glitter sparks are found in the nature (and not only) all around us… if only we take a moment to look!


Inspiration from my flickr favorites:

1. Jeweled Reflections – EXPLORED Oct 11/08, 2. Heron on the Golden Lake, 3. Gold accordian, 4. Riverbank impressions 1, 5. Buon Natale a tutti voi, 6. River of Gold, 7. Stainless steel sunset, 8. Going for the Gold, or Aspirations of a Pinecone, 9. Invitation to sit in front of a blazing fire in my wild river…!!!

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One of my favorite themes to photograph is urban decay, in the form of peeling paint, molded walls, rusted chains, scratched wooden surfaces and much more. I don’t know what it is about decay that I like so much, I guess it’s the abstract images you get if you focus in colors and geometries. Instant works of art for lazy painters like me! Below, inspiration from some of my flickr favorites in shades of green, that match my current -winter- mood.


1. Circle gets the square, 2. Untitled, 3. Losange/Rhomb, 4. Latch, 5. Arritmia, 6. Untitled, 7. Owl, 8. Fashion, 9. Decay in door trilogy (III), 10. Pre-emptive strike, 11. Square deal, 12. 09 juillet 2008 Maisons-Alfort Formes, lignes et matières Métal Près du Pont de Charenton (2), 13. Doni froebeliani, 14. Antique door, 15. Untitled, 16. Untitled, 17. Garage, 18. Pixmaniaque27BO3_6290, 19. Metodi 1bis, 20. Envelope, 21. Green & rust, 22. Untitled, 23. Like Walking On A Green Moon, 24. Conjunction junction, 25. Combined Locks Keeper’s Residence, 26. A slice of life in Islamic Cairo, 27. Pixmaniaque63b16J_1125, 28. Back to back, 29. Playing, 30. Stripetease

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